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This is the journey of our garden, a patch of land previously unloved that measures just under an acre and surrounds our lovely family home in Suffolk. Overlooking the Colne Valley and enjoying truly stunning views this shabby open space is troubled. The ground is rock solid and consists mainly of flint chippings, the lawn areas are undulating, wild and packed with weeds whilst plants have never seen a prune. The garden is surrounded by agricultural fields, the boundary has no fence and as such, favoured by rabbits, muntjac and a host of game birds.

Spearheading the gardens development is myself, a forty-something full time working professional kept humble by my partner and our 2 very young children. For one whole year back in my teens I studied horticulture at a horticultural college in Somerset so it goes without saying that my plans are those of grandeur. Reality however paints a far different picture, I’m a keen wannabe with little or no experience!

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