Benefits of Volunteering When Over 50

There’s so many positive reasons for volunteering when you’re over 50! So if you’re thinking about taking the plunge, here’s something to motivate you to get out there and offer your skills – go for it!

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Volunteering as a way into paid work

It may not be the reason why you’re thinking about volunteering, but getting yourself into the workplace could be your way into paid employment. It’s a great chance to showcase your skills and experience, and you may catch the eye of an employer. Even if that doesn’t happen, if you’re trying to get into paid work, having voluntary work on your CV will show that you’re a good person, who’s reliable and hard-working. It says a lot about you when you are willing to give up your personal time to help others. It also helps you get into the routine, of having to be somewhere on time, for when you’re in paid employment. It’s also a great conversation starter, if you ever are short for something to say at interview. There’s no employer that won’t be interested in your volunteering story.

Volunteering gives you meaning and purpose

If you’re in need of a bit more structure in your life, or if you’ve been out of the workplace for a while, volunteering can give you strong meaning and purpose in your life. It gives you a great reason to get, get out of the house, because you can make a difference. New experiences are as good as a change! It gives you a new focus. Something to target your energy into. Others are relying on you for your help. They are depending on you. You are important. You are special. We all need to feel needed sometimes.  

Volunteering improves self-worth and mental well-being

Having meaning and purpose is well-known to be good for the soul! Having to be somewhere at a particular time, can also be motivating and help you make the most of your day. Being needed will improve your sense of worth and is a great boost for your confidence and all round well-being. There’s no denying that volunteering is extremely rewarding and satisfying. Seeing others benefit from your efforts is the best!

Volunteering is good for your physical health  

The connection may not be immediately obvious, but getting yourself into a routine is great for your body. Needing to wake up the next morning nice and fresh, means that you need to go to sleep at a sensible time. It also means you’ll be eating your meals at more regular times of the day, which helps to keep you clock-work. It’s also likely that you’ll be more active, so that can only help with keeping you fit and healthy.

Volunteering is good for your social life

It’s a great way to meet new like-minded friends, so it’s good for your social life! Meeting new people can be a little daunting for some at first, but it’s also extremely exciting and interesting learning about new people and sharing your life with them. As we get older we tend to meet less new people, so this is a great bonus in your life.  

Volunteering is Right Thing to Do

Without sounding preachy, there’s no doubt that volunteering is just simply the right thing to do. Helping others that are less able to help themselves is a magic feeling. If you’re in a fortunate enough position, it’s a great way to give something back to society. So what are you waiting for? Get looking in the papers and on the web today for opportunities near you. Enjoy!