Finding local work when you’re over 50

Want advise when looking for local work?

Over 50 and looking for local work? At Jobs 50+ we’ve got bags of advice to make it easier to find local work. Follow our guide and you’ll be employed before you know it!

Finding local work when you’re over 50

First define what ‘local’ actually means


You think you want local work, but what does ‘local’ mean to you? How far are you willing to travel, in time and miles? Consider how will you get work. Do you prefer to walk, take public transport or bus or drive? At Jobs 50+ we understand the attraction of convenience when working locally. But make sure you’re being realistic. If you live in a rural area you are likely going to have to travel further as there will be more job opportunities in nearby towns and cities.


Word of Mouth


Speak to everyone in your local social circles as they may know of jobs locally or know of someone that does. Talk to local employers. If you’re looking for work in retail, why not pop into your local shops and make enquiries – don’t forget to take your CV and cover letter with you! If you have any connections with schools or any other large network make sure you take advantage of this by making it well known that you’re looking for work. If you’re a member of the local church or any local groups, make sure you mention your plan to people. Local work is often found by word of mouth or via a friend of a friend. So, never underestimate the power of local networking to find you a local job!


Local Press & Groups


Check out all the local newspapers and magazines both paper and online as these may have local jobs. Some areas have a local residents group, this may also have a publication that you can check.


Social Media  


Facebook is a great source of information on local groups and employers. If you’re unsure how to search, ask a friend or relative to show you or do this for you. Also doing a Google search for jobs in your local area may help


Jobs 50+


Jobs50plus is a jobs site dedicated to finding local jobs for those that are 50+. 

Check out Jobs 50+ for employers that are specifically looking for people like you! They have hundreds of local jobs from progressive recruiters that understand the skills and experience that those over 50 offer in abundance. They are specifically searching for people in their later years. Valuing your loyalty, commitment and the unique life experience that you bring. So get searching, your new job is just a click away!




Finally, remember that you may need to compromise. Look within a larger area than your ideal preference as sometimes your dream job can be hiding just a little further around the corner. And you don’t want to miss out! 


Happy searching!