How to use Jobs 50+

Looking for a new role or a fresh challenge?

Step 1. Search local jobs to you

Jobs 50 Plus is a free-to-use website, no hidden costs, no call centers contacting you, just a simple to use jobs board for the experienced worker. Thousands of UK employers see the value of an older workforce, we provide a free service that connects you both.

Click-here, or navigate using the ‘Jobs Search’ located at the top of the page. Enter your city, town or postcode in the location box and search local jobs to you. It really is that easy!

Step 2. Find something interesting?

When you find a role you believe is right for you, click the ‘I want to apply for this role’ button, and follow the on-page instructions. It’s simple, quick and easy to apply for jobs.

Step 3. Increase your chances

Jobs 50 Plus have put together a whole host of free learning aids aimed at increasing your chance of securing your 50+ job.

Click-here, or navigate using ‘Free Learning’ located at the top of the page for interview tips, how to write a CV and much, much more!

Good Luck!